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Am I a Failure if I Use Medication for Weight Loss? 

Check out this series of FREE, online events featuring Drs. Robyn and Kelly LIVE.

You don't want to miss these! 

Q & A with the Modern Psychologists 
Monday April 10th 7-7:30pm EST 

Tackling topics like: "What if these meds don't work for me?" and "I feel so ashamed even considering these medications." Come talk with us.


"What's it really like?" A candid discussion with people currently using Ozempic or other anti-obesity medication.
Tuesday May 2nd 7-7:30pm EST

Come talk to people with a life long weight struggle who have been using an anti-obesity medication. Learn the ups and downs, and get the real scoop. 


"I love you, but I just don't get it." 
Monday June 12th, 7-7:30pm EST

A discussion to help your friend, family member, or other loved one understand more about the complexity of obesity and why these meds are not 'the easy way out.' 


"Mindset shifts and behavior change." A review of the very best lifestyle tools you need while using medication for weight loss. 

If you are using a medication for weight and you want to review the best tools for changing your mindset and your behaviors, join us!


Count me in!

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