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Free Resources

In the spirit of sharing information that may support your growth and change, you may access any of the following documents we've created free of charge.

Please, personal use only. 

Emotions and Eating.png


Emotions and Eating 

Download this document to learn more about why emotions are so challenging and to gain some tools to cope, without using food. 


Relaxation Minis

Download this tool for 5 quick tools you can use today to help your brain and body relax. You can use them anytime, anywhere!

Relaxation Minis MP.png
Regaining Control MP (2).png


Regaining a Sense of Control

Download this free four-page booklet that guides you through an exercise to help you feel more in control, despite what is going on in your life or in the world around you.


Urge Surfing Tool

Download this document to learn the urge surfing technique. Urge surfing is a powerful way of helping you learn how to manage the urge to eat or do other impulsive behaviors that interfere with your health and wellness goals. 

urge surfing_MP.png
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