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The Modern Psychologists

Modern psychological tools for optimal mind-body health.

We're Dr. Robyn Pashby and Dr. Kelly Donahue and we are
The Modern Psychologists. 

Our mission is to provide you with education and resources to help you get unstuck as you navigate the complex relationship between your mental health and your weight.  

Are you feeling torn between body acceptance and wanting to lose weight?
Are you feeling ashamed and stuck?
Do you wonder if you can be body positive and also work towards better health?

Society tells you that you can't lose weight and love yourself as you are. But the truth is, you don't have to choose. Let us teach you how.

Both Ph.D. clinical health psychologists licensed to practice psychology in more than 32 states around the US, we have spent decades specializing in helping people like you get UNSTUCK.


We will help you break the negative patterns of thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck in believing you can't lose weight and love yourself as you are. 


On-demand, accessible anywhere and easy-to-use short courses available 24/7.


Based in the latest science and crafted with decades of experience, these courses offer you practical tools for changing your mindset and behaviors to support your work in sustainable weight loss so you can improve your health and feel better.

Examples include...

Better sleep for your weight loss journey
Managing stress without food
Navigating binge eating
Reducing nighttime eating
and more.


On demand virtual courses. 


Free mini mindset makeovers.

Not ready to try a course? No problem.

You can still check out some of our free 3-5 minute mini mindset makeovers. In these quick soundbites, we talk you through some of the most common hot button issues in the psychology of weight and mental health work. You'll get an idea of how we work and learn some skills along the way.


“I just wanted to say thank you for being so good at what you do and changing my life for the better.”

Andrea G

"Each lesson in the course was like a spoon full of medicine."

Steve B

“I learned so much from this course and actually made real changes for the first time in who knows how long. This is totally doable stuff."”

Laura P

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